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Pathankot-Joginder Nagar Train

Kangra Toy Train unlike the Shimla-KaIka train, where the passengers spend most of the time going through tunnels, the Kangra toy train- linking Pathankot and Joginder Nagar gently meanders through a maze of hills and valleys, offering the travellers enchantingly scenic views. The work on this line started in 1926. Three years later this, 163 km long route was opened to traffic.

Joyous Journey

The entire route commands glorious views of nature and unveils myriad facets of history, art and culture. The grand spectacle of Kangra Valley begins unfolding after the train crosses Nurpur. Hillocks rise on both sides and as the train moves over the innumerable bridges built across meandering streams, the Dhauladhar begin to gain in prominence. Emerging through Daulatpur tunnel and past the ruins of the old Kangra fort, one is surprised by the change in the landscape.

The Dhauladhar rise up 13,000 ft from the valley floor. The wide Kangra Valley, with its well-watered terraces, is simply superb. As the train inches on, the passengers adore the open countryside and the shining white peaks. An unmistakable pine scent fills the air and the track is suddenly fringed on both sides by the tea gardens of the Palampur region.

The  stretch between Baijnath (renowned for its ancient Shiva temple) and Joginder Nagar is the steepest. Here the train moves at a snail's pace till it reaches the highest point on the track at Ahju. Not far from here are the popular para-gliding and hang-gliding sites of Bir and Billing. As the train approaches Joginder Nagar, the white mountains, gradually begin fading away.

Never-before Holiday

A trip on the Kangra toy train is a thrilling experience. It is an unmatched way to savour the beauty of the Kangra Valley. At Joginder Nagar, Himachal Tourism offers a unique herbal package track in Himalayas which unfolds the ecstasy of Himalayan medicinal plants and creates awareness about depleting bio-resources.

Trains that run on Pathankot-Joginder Nagar track :


I. Pathankot-Joginder Nagar

PBJ-Dep: Pathankot (2.15 AM) Arr: Jogindernagar (11.25 AM) PBJ-Joginer Nagar (8.00 AM) Arr: Pathankot (5.30 PM) Fare: Ordinary Rs.27/-

2. Kangra Queen

Dep: Pathankot (8.20 AM) hr: Palampur (12.15 PM) Dep: Palampur (1.45 PM) Arr: Pathankot (6.45 PM) Fare: Ist Class Rs.330/- Chair Car Rs.310/- 2nd Class Rs.190/-

3. Pathankot-Baijnath

(lPB) Dep: Pathankot (4.10 AM) Arr: Baijnath (10.45 AM)

(2PB) Dep: Baijnath (4.20 PM) Arr:Pathankot (10.40 PM) Fare:Ordinary Rs.25/-

4. Pathankot-Baijnath

(7PB)Dep: Pathankot (4.00 PM) Arr: Baijnath (10.30 PM) (8PB)Dep: Baijnath (5.35 PM) Arr: Pathankot (11.55 PM) Fare: Ordinary Rs.25/-  

5. Pathankot-Joginder Nagar (3PBJ)Dep: PathankOt (10.55 AM) Arr: Joginder Nagar (6.25 PM) (4PBJ)Dep: Joginder Nagar (12.20 PM) Arr: Pathankot (10.30 PM) Fare: Ordinary Rs.271-  

6. Pathankot- Jawalamukhi (l]P)Dep: Pathankot (5.45 PM) Arr: Jawalamukhi (9.45 PM) (2JP)Dep: Jawalamukhi (4.50 AM) Arr: Pathankot (8.30 AM) Fare: Ordinary Rs.15/-.


I. Kangra Queen

Dep: Pathankot Arr: Palampur

Dep: Palampur Arr: Pathankot

Pathankot- Jawalamukhi

 Ist Class Rs.235/-

Chair Car Rs.220/- 2nd Class Rs.145/- Pathankot-Kangra Ist Class Rs.280/-

Chair Car Rs.245/- 2nd Class Rs.155/-

Pathankot-Palampur Ist Class Rs.330/-

Chair Car Rs.310/- 2nd Class Rs.190/- Facilities:

newspapers, mineral water, tea-snacks, food, etc. will

be provided on board on the pattern of Shatabdi trains.  

                                                AIR SERVICES TO HIMACHAL PRADESH

Indian Airlnes:

(Monday, Wednesday & Friday) a) Dep: Delhi 9.00 AM

Arr: Shimla 10.00 AM Dep: Shirnla 10.20 AM Arr: Kullu 10.45 AM Dep: Kullu 11.10 AM Arr: Delhi 12.40 PM b) Dep: Delhi 1.15 Arr: Gaggal

(Dharamsala) 2.40 PM Dep: Gaggal 3.05 PM Arr: Delhi 4.30 PM

Trans Bharat Aviation: (Monday to Saturday)

a) Dep: Delhi 8.20 AM Arr: Kullu 9.50 AM

Dep: Kullu 10.20 PM Arr: Delhi 11.40 AM

Jagson AirLines: (Monday to Saturday) a) Dep: Delhi 10AM

Arr: Kullu 11.20 AM Dep: Kullu 11.40 PM Arr: Delhi 1.00 PM

Disclaimer:-  We don't take any responsibility for above information, Please verify  rates & timing from the concerned authority before undertaking a journey.

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